A solitaire civilization tabletop style game. Plan your moves. Research technologies. Build your empire. Expand your civilization. Try to survive.

PocketCiv is a solitaire strategy game of building civilizations.

Use Tribes to expand your civilization, create Cities, buy Advances, build Wonders and send Expeditions, while preparing for the devastation that random events will bring. Only with careful planning and a little luck will your empire stand the test of time.


⬢ 15 Scenarios with unique rules and conditions
⬢ A standard game mode with randomly generated starting
   conditions for endless replayability
⬢ 17 destructive event types to survive
⬢ 10 Wonders to bring glory to your empire
⬢ A complete, interactive tutorial to help you master the game


A full Tech Tree with 50 upgrades to boost your empire's abilities. Develop your empire the way you see fit: are you a builder? an intellectual? an economist? or a war monger? all this and more is possible through the full featured Tech Tree of PocketCiv.