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PocketCiv coming to Early Access

BMC Games has announced their newest title PocketCiv, coming soon to Early Access for PC and Mac. This deceptively simple strategy game gives players a full tech tree to develop their empire as they see fit.

December 14, 2022 – New York, NY – Are you a builder? An intellectual? An economist? Or a war monger? These strategies are all possible through PocketCiv’s full tech tree, featuring 50 branching upgrades to boost your empire. PocketCiv is a solitaire strategy game about building civilizations. Use your Tribes to expand your civilization, create Cities, buy Advances, build Wonders and send Expeditions, all while preparing to survive against brutally destructive events. Only with careful planning and a little luck will your empire stand the test of time. With tabletop-style gameplay and empire-building mechanics, PocketCiv will appeal to tabletop gamers, 4X fans, strategy buffs, and city-builders alike.

PocketCiv Features:

⬢ 15 Scenarios with unique rules and conditions
⬢ A standard game mode with randomly generated starting
    conditions for endless replayability
⬢ 17 destructive event types to survive
⬢ A branching tech tree with 50 upgrades to empower your civilization
⬢ 10 Wonders to bring glory to your empire
⬢ A complete, interactive tutorial to help you master the game

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About BMC Games
BMC Games is an indie game studio based in New York. Our first game, Free Trader, was released in
November 6, 2014 on Android and iOS. For more information about the developer, please visit: