Dev Team

Smash Up Randomizer Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Smash Up Randomizer on the iTunes App Store.

Quickly generate the setup for your next game of Smash Up!


  • Randomly selects factions for each player
  • Easy filtering
  • Save and load setups
  • Supports all expansions
  • Supports 2-4 players
  • Create custom factions

Available on the iTunes App Store now!


Free Trader Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Free Trader.

Free Trader is a solitaire card game of space exploration, trading and avoiding misfortune – in the form of Pirates, Invaders and Police patrols.

It plays by exploring planets and drawing cards for events and trade prices. Explore and trade to acquire enough wealth to pay off your debts and live the good life!

Sounds simple, but the life of a Free Trader is very unpredictable…

2009 Golden Geek Best Print & Play Board Game Nominee